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New Seamless Gutters & Downspouts

We offer 5" & 6" k-style gutters &

3x4 downspouts


  Leaf Protection


-Gutter Cleaning 
-Gutter Adjustments
-Heat cables

-Ice Guards


Hands-On-Innovations is a small family-owned business located out of Princeton Mn. 

Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers expectations by bringing great communication skills and high-quality work to your home.  We not only want to improve your homes water control we also want to make it look Better then before. Ask us about all the Colors! With many years of knowledge and experience you can trust us to complete any job that we take on. You will be 100% happier and satisfied working with us rather then the big name companies! Spend less and get more with H.O.I! Feel free to call, text or email us at anytime even if its a basic question!  763-482-1401 ASK FOR JOHN

Why The Need For Gutters?

- water control
- ice build up
- Icicles
- grass lines
- concrete pitting or cracks
- asphalt sags or erosion
- dirty windows 
- dirty siding 
- foundation washout
- landscaping washout
- rotten lower window trim
- rotten door trim
- rotten fascia and soffit
- water in your basement




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  Get A Free Quote!

Step 1 - measure the lengths of where you want your gutters.

Step 2 - write down the height of your gutter area (for example 1st story or 3rd story or if you know the height just mention that in feet) that will determine your downspout lengths

Step 3 - Take a photo of the area you want the gutters and send it via email or phone.

Step 4 - If you don't want to or simply can't do any of the steps above it's OK just send your info and address over and let us know what you're looking for. We will then schedule a good time to personally come out and give you a quote FOR FREE!

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